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The Classical World in Context: the Near East
SoHP-MHAAM/Getty Dual Postdoctoral Program

Archaeology Postdoc Announcement

The Initiative for the Science of the Human Past at Harvard (SoHP) announces a 2-year postdoctoral appointment at Harvard in the framework of the Max Planck-Harvard Research Center for the Archaeoscience of the Ancient Mediterranean (MHAAM), funded by Getty and with support from the Reich lab at Harvard.

We are looking for an exceptionally able archaeologist of Classical civilization who is interested in participating in archaeogenetic and archaeological research into the interaction of Classical and Near Eastern Civilization. The candidate need have no prior experience in ancient DNA or ancient biomolecular research but will want to be curious and open to the new approaches. The postdoc will be paired with another postdoc, an archaeogeneticist, for the 2-year period of the award; we envision that the archaeologist will teach archaeology to the geneticist and serve as an archaeological resource for the lab. S/he will be motivated to learn and to co-author new studies that integrate advanced archaeological research with new archaeogenetic discoveries.

The successful candidate will have the rights and privileges that come with such an appointment at Harvard, including access to Widener and Tozzer Libraries. Some limited teaching might be possible, which would serve the postdoc exceedingly well as they seek to build their career profile for a tenure-track academic position. The postdoc will be an integral and valued member of our team, which is fun and supportive. Previous postdocs in our program have all gone on to tenure-track and tenured positions in the U.S. and Europe.

This position will be under the direction of Prof. Michael McCormick (Department of History, Harvard University), who chairs SoHP at Harvard and is Co-Director of MHAAM. This is a full-time, benefits-eligible postdoctoral fellow appointment at Harvard University. The position is initially for one year with a salary of $65,000, with reappointment for an additional year contingent upon satisfactory performance and review. Ideally the selected candidate will begin as soon as possible on or after July 1, 2023.

For further information on SoHP, MHAAM, and the affiliated Reich lab at Harvard, please consult the following websites:

Please include a letter of interest explaining how you propose to help your archaeogeneticist partner incorporate archaeological method and thinking into their approach and how familiarity with archaeogenetics may deepen your own archaeological work, and a curriculum vitae to Two or three confidential letters of recommendation will also be required. References should be from experts at the ladder faculty ranks; it may be appropriate to include highly accomplished senior researchers from corporations or research institutes, or well-established museum professionals, depending on the candidate’s background. Additionally, a copy of doctoral degree verification is required for candidates who have received their degree within one year of the effective start date.

Harvard University is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, protected veteran status, disability, genetic information, military service, pregnancy and pregnancy- related conditions, or other protected status.

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