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MHAAM scientists and historians discover the origin of the Black Death in trans-Asian/European trade route

The original Nature paper authored by Maria A. Spyrou, Lyazzat Musralina, Guido A. Gnecchi Ruscone, Arthur Kocher, Pier-Giorgio Borbone, Valeri I. Khartanovich, Alexandra Buzhilova, Leyla Djansugurova, Kirsten I. Bos, Denise Kühnert, Wolfgang Haak, Philip Slavin & Johannes Krause, can be found here.

Partial news coverage can be found below:


New York Times: Where Did the Black Death Begin? DNA Detectives Find a Key Clue.
CNN: DNA analysis reveals source of Black Death.
Nature: Ancient DNA traces origin of Black Death.
The Guardian: Mystery of Black Death’s origins solved, say researchers.
Washington Post: DNA evidence reveals where the Black Death began.
​​​​​​​Wall Street Journal: Black Death Mystery Solved Centuries After Plague Killed 50 Million in Europe.
BBC: Plague: Ancient teeth reveal where Black Death began, researchers say.
NBC:  Ancient teeth offer new insight on how the Black Death emerged and spread globally.
​​​​​​​Scientific American: Ancient Women’s Teeth Reveal Origins of 14th-Century Black Death.
Smithsonian Magazine: Where Did the Black Death Start? Thanks to Ancient DNA, Scientists May Have Answers.


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